Sunday, 7 August 2016

apply to the voice 2017 application form uk

it is time to apply to the voice uk 2017 with the application form on, there is 2 shows when the new series of the  voice  starts next year on itv, one  being the regular voice competition for adults and the other being the new voice kids show uk, which  is  a first for the  uk.

so should be a bit more of a interesting thing watching the voice kids, because  we have all watched  the regular voice, not saying not to, but will be interesting to watch the voice  kids uk, after years of  just the regular voice  competition.

i will post the 2 links below for both the regular voice singing competition and also the link for the voice kids uk itv as  well.

regular link for voice adults:

link for the voice kids  uk:

the voice kids age requirement looks to be from 7 upto 14 years old, and so the adults voice competition must  start as adults to audition at 14 years  old and over, all the rules and regulations are at the links provided above.