Friday, 15 July 2016

The Voice Kids Philippines season 3 Blind Audition Rounds watch online youtube videos

So the new series of The Voice Kids Philippines season 3 Blind Audition Rounds have been running a few weeks now and you can watch them online via youtube videos on the voice kids phillipines channel.

The Voice Kids is a Philippine reality singing competition on ABS-CBN, but not everyone has access to watch phillipine tv,but a quick and easy option is via the youtube  channel for there show, which is  mostly just highlights  or  full videos of  each audition round that takes place.

but if you want to watch just a specific  audition or catch up then this is a good option in that regard  as well, and also just good to watch the show if you cannot watch full episodes online, it is a matter of finding a website that streams abs-cbn i would  guess so that you could then watch the shows online.

personally i watch a lot of  other coutries voice shows and voice  kids  shows  via there  youtube channels, sometimes there can be a few talent/singing shows running  at once or in quick successesion that you might  not have the time to watch full episodes so just catch up on the auditons  via the youtube channel anyway early days and no idea who the favorites are at thsi stage either.

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