Tuesday, 5 July 2016

check out the voice kids auditions uk itv in 2017

took a while but will be a new  voice show for the uk in 2017 with the voice  kids show  on itv, and the  voice seniors show  on itv  as  well, since  itv bought  the rights  to the voice they have also added a much needed kids show, that people have  been requesting for a while, but the bbc did not seem interested.

but itv  seems like they will be going to make a good  go of the voice kids and seniors next year, so it is time to start applying as there is only a few months left to apply to audition for the voice uk.

the voice  kids and seniors application forms are online at the itv website, and the application form process is not too difficult, though not a few minutes process either.

much like most other talent shows application forms, so if you have applied before you will know  what to expect, just make sure to read all the terms and  conditions and etc  before applying so you know which category and  age bracket you should be in, other than that should be a really good series and make things new  for everyone and different from the bbc show, they need to change things up somewhat i would think to have a better  series and make it different.

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