Monday, 13 July 2015

the voice australia 2015 judges/coaches jessie j and delta goodrem fall out

the voice australia 2015 judges/coaches jessie j and delta goodrem fall out, so this fued had been simmering, and then heated up into a big fallout due to a clash of coaching styles, and jessie j and delta goodrem have very different personalities which is at the root of this clashing between the two voice au judges.

you can see this in the way the two judges look, jessie j is more out there, and delta is more reserved, when it comes to the coaching aspect of the judges, jj is a very strong personality when dealing with coaching whereas delta goodrem is more loving and nurturing, so they have 2 really different personalities and are clashing as a result.

will see how this develops but will probably simmer for a while and cool down, and put the voice au 2015 coaching before there differences you would think.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

the voice kids philippines 2015 auditions

the voice kids philippines 2015 auditions currently showing on abs-cbn the filipino channel, and had a start date of june the 6th 2015 so has currently been running one month so far, and has a end date of august the 30th, and at the moment is the premiere voice competition in asia, not sure which other asian countries this year have the voice competition in 2015.

there is a middle eastern voice competition with the voice arab, but for asia at the moment i have been watching the voice philippines and now the voice kids philippines, the coaches/judges this year are lea salonga, bamboo malanac and sarah geronimo.

the host for the filipino voice competition is luis manzano, with co-hosts robi domingo and yeng constantino, and up to july the 5th it was the 10th episode this year and still part of the blind auditions rounds.

if you are just starting watching the new series, you could use there youtube channel to catch up on what has happened so far, quick way of catching up on the highlights of the series so far, and there is still over a month left until the end date this year so well worthto start watching even if you missed the start and beginning episodes.

Monday, 6 July 2015

the voice uk judges

tom jones hopes to be sat back in the judges chair with and ricky wilson for the voice uk 2016 blind auditions rounds when the new series of the voice uk starts back on the bbc at the start of 2016, of course rita ora has now left the voice uk for good and signed up to the x factor judging panel instead, so it is unknow for now who will be the 4th and new judge for the voice uk to replace rita ora, but a guess would be the judge for the voice uk will be female at the very least otherwise it would be a all male judging panel.