Saturday, 18 October 2014

usa judges auditions Christina Aguilera to return

the voice 2015 usa judges auditions Christina Aguilera to return next year

so at the moment gwen stefani is standing in for christina aguilera who is currently on maternity leave, but she will take her judges place back in the first of the 2015 season of the voice early next year, so this will change the current judging panel only slightly next year.

all the other judges so far are said to be returning in 2015, so the voice usa 2015 judging panel should look something like this:

christina aguilera
adam levine
blake shelton
pharrell williams

the voice usa is also doing well in the ratings stakes as well, and remains nbc's most popular reality tv show, with its 8pm monday edition averaging 12.9 million viewers, and its tuesday edition averaging 13.5 million viewers.

Friday, 3 October 2014

what countries have the voice tv show auditions

So this is not a list for The Voice 2015 Auditions, but a complete list of which Countries have and had The Voice TV Show Singing Competition, now some of these will be having the auditions in 2015 and some are not, though with these competitions they sometimes get cancelled but get restarted at a later date and make a comeback, some of these also have The Voice Kids auditions