Tuesday, 23 September 2014

the voice usa blind auditions 2014

the voice 2015, the voice usa returned last night with the 2014 blind auditions, that was the first episode of the new series, which starts out with the blind auditions rounds, the judges basically can hear the singers, but cannot see them, so have to choose which acts they want to take through on there voice alone.

tonight the voice usa continues with the second episode of the new series, which is season 7, so each week the voice is on monday and tuesday nights with a start time of 8/7 central time each night, with the new judges line up of gwen stefani, adam levine, blake shelton and pharrell williams.

so this is still early doors for this new series, but if you did happen to miss last nights episodes and would like to catch up online before episode 2 which starts tonight in a few hours time, you can catch up with some of the highlights from the various singers in last nights blind auditions rounds via the official the voice usa youtube channel which has catch up videos on from each episode.

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