Friday, 5 September 2014

the voice usa auditions

voice 2015 auditions, not long now until the voice usa 2014 live shows return, with a start date of the 22nd of september on nbc television, less then a month now to go for the seventh season to start.

cason daly returns as host with new judges gwen stefani and pharrell williams joining returning judges/coaches adam levine and blake shelton.

the order the show will start is with the first of five different stages of competition, the first stage at the start of the new series will be the blind auditions stage.

then in this order the later stages are as follows, the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs, and the series format finishes with the live performance shows.

when the series starts with the blind auditions rounds, the judges decisions are all about the voice of the performer and not the looks, the coaches are basically listening to the artists perform but without seeing them in the process, due to the rotating chairs, then it comes down to a push of a button if the coach would like the voice for his/her team, this is the kind of concepts that sets the voice singing competition, different to a lot of the other talent contests out there, hence the name the voice, it is all about the singers voice.

if more then one coach chooses a singer, then the singer can choose which coach they would like themselves, out f the coaches that chose that voice, and through this first stage process the teams are formulated which then leads onto the battle rounds of the voice singing competition.


  1. This is my 2015 Australian Voice audition song Titanium hope you like it Cheers