Tuesday, 19 August 2014

the voice of italy auditions slight different to the others

voice 2015 auditions, the voice italy so far has just had its second season after starting again this year on 12th march 2014 with a run of 14 episodes upto june 5th, the judges this year were Raffaella Carrà, Pelù, Noemi and J-Ax.

but so far no news on whether there will be a third season or not of the voice of italy which this year was won by a nun!, sister cristina won the 2014 series of the voice italia.

looking through the voice of italy website i cannot find any where to register or apply to audition for the voice italy 2015, though it was quite a eventful series this year with a nun winning the competition so you would think the show would be renewed for its 3rd series, the voice italy is quite off the wall so to speak and a bit of a wild show, in comparison to say the voice uk.

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