Saturday, 30 August 2014

the voice brazil 2015 auditions

the voice 2015 auditions, there will be another series of the voice brazil this year, and the start date for new series (third season) of the voice brasil will be on television on september the 14th 2014.

the coaches that will be returning to the voice brazil will be Lulu Santos, Carlinhos Brown, Claudia Leitte and Daniel, and the shows location is rio de janeiro.

will be one to look out for on youtube to catch the highlights of the show, i try to watch a few of the different voice competitions from around the world, as you can sometimes find some good videos on youtube of the different voice shows, even from some of the more spurious countries to where you might live, some of the different voice competitions will be in a different langauge, but when just catching up on the highlights videos it does not always natter anyway because you are just mainly watching highlight clips of the performance, with some comments from the judges.

i would of thought that the application forms for the voice brazil would not be available now, and that it would be too late to register as well, but on some websites it says registration is still open, so if you live in brazil and would of likes to try out for the voice brazil you should check out there website to see if it is still possible to sign up, and then you might be able to audition and make to the live shows which start back on brazillian television on september the 14th.

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