Saturday, 5 July 2014

the voice australia

is the voice australia getting a bit on the over scheduled or dragging a bit on some of the episodes?, it seemed that way in the most recent of the episodes that just aired, yes kylie is still great and the best thing about the voice australia, but who decides on the programming and the makeup of the episode, because they could probably do better, to make a more enjoyable free flowing tv viewing experience!.

a highlight of the show was the opening with kylie singing her new single, she also announced her australian tour next year in 2015, so she is keeping busy, then onto the voice episode, the eliminations rounds also started this week as well, with each team losing one of there acts.

what made things drag a bit was that each group had there acts performances in single blocks for each of the teams, then you ended up to see who was going to be voted out with 2 team members out of each group left to face the music, then they performed to try and get more votes and stay in, the people at home though would only get 1 minute to decide and vote for who they wanted to stay in the competition through the voice app voting system.

after that who got the most votes of the week then did there own solo performances, this all seemed kind of chaotic and not that well streamlines, maybe this is the only way they can run the show, due to the constraints of how things work, but you would of thought they could of come up with a more easy system of organising things so that it was not so clunky, or maybe most of the viewers liked it and i am just being too over analytical about what was really a great episode of the voice australia, who knows.

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