Thursday, 17 July 2014

the voice australia 2015 auditions application forms

looks like the voice australia 2015 will be running there auditions again soon, they take place this year in advance for next years show, as there are lots of un-televised auditions that take place in-between, it already says on there youtube page before you click to the page on the search section, to go to there facebook and website page to apply,
but when i do there is nothing there about applying, so maybe they have just not quite put up the new voice applications forms for 2015.

the live finals for the voice australia have now finished so it really should not be long until you can apply to audition for next years voice au, like i say you do the early auditions this year to try and get onto next years live shows.

i have been looking through there official website but cannot find any application forms for the voice au 2015 just yet, but i think they should soon be putting these things up, because they are scheduled to do a show next year, so it is just a matter of waiting now for the chance to be able to apply when they get these things onto there website, sometimes the option goes up straight away after the final, but not this year and it is taking them a little while to put these options of being able to apply this year in place it would seem.

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