Tuesday, 3 June 2014

voice uk auditions still open on the bbc website?

just looking on the voice uk website auditions page for the bbc, and it still shows that you can still apply for the auditions which are starting on tuesday 24th of june 2014, now i thought the option to apply closed in may, so not sure but it looks like it must have been extended a little bit.

but i doubt you can apply for much longer though, so if you have not applied already you would need to go over to the bbc-voice website to apply asap.

so we know the voice was back next year, with the auditions this year, but there has also been some good news, because the voice's bbc contract has been renewed for 2 years so will now be running up until 2016 at the least, so far though the judges for the voice 2015 are not confirmed in anyway and so it is still early days in that department to know who the judges will be.

of course the judges do not attend the first stage voice uk auditions which are starting again in june, at these you will be getting judged by the voice talent scouts or producers, probably producers, but not the actual judges, they only appear in the televised shows, the first stages of the voice auditions are not televised.

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