Friday, 27 June 2014

the voice australia versus the uk show which is the best one?

2015 auditions - so which is the best this year the voice uk or the voice australia?, seen as she has just judged both singing competitions back to back, kylie minogue has just come out and said that the voice uk is "dark and icy cold".

whereas she has sung the praises of the voice australia, not surprising that kylie would say this through really, she was actually also talking about the uk weather, because she found filming for the uk voice in january etc, that it was icy cold even when in some of the voice studios as well, whereas back in australia it is lovely weather, but that is one of the problems with english weather it is not the best in the world, with four definite seasons.

so far like the uk voice which kylie only did one season, she is also yet to commit to another season of the australian voice in 2015, and so far is undecided.

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