Thursday, 17 April 2014

watch the voice usa online youtube videos

the voice 2015 + auditions info blog, you can now watch the new series of the voice usa highlights videos online on youtube, well i think for about the last 3 weeks, since the new series of the voice usa has started.

of course you can watch the voice on nbc tv each week, with a start date of mondays and tuesdays each week, and a start time of 8/7c each week.

but if you are looking for somewhere online to catch up on the performances you missed or watch some of the stand out performances, then check out the official voice nbc youtube channel, and they have all the highlights there, they do not show full episodes of the voice usa though, i think they might be on the nbc telivision website though, if you cannot manage to watch the voice usa when it is aired live on tv.

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